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Rodrigo Andrade: Pintura Paisagem

Pintura Paisagem, a book with the same title as the exhibition by Rodrigo Andrade held at Galleries Millan and Almeida & Dale in 2022, is a compendium of the artist's landscape paintings from the last twenty years.

The publication reveals the multiplicity of techniques and procedures used by Andrade in the treatment of the landscape genre of painting: starting with his works closer affiliated to expressionism, through his series Matéria Noturna [Nocturnal Matter] - presented at the 29th Bienal de São Paulo - and arriving at recent works in which the artist brings together the languages and repertoire he has built up throughout his career.

Developed in partnership of Millan and Editora Martins Fontes, the book features essays by curator Lorenzo Mammì and Portuguese critic Delfim Sardo, as well as a commented chronology of Andrade's path, signed by Marina Frúgoli.

“Rodrigo Andrade’s landscape painting is, on the one hand, a reflection on the history of painting, from one of the genres most sensitive to changes in techniques and styles. On the other hand, it is the rescue of a direct relationship with the world around him, testing the conventions of painting in the experience and perception of space. Codes of representation and experience of reality are not disjointed, but constantly refer to each other” - writes Mammì.


Hardcover, 230 pages.

Portuguese and English.